Welcome: The First Post

Welcome to my blog, Where the Peaches Grow! I’m so excited to start a full-on Atlanta lifestyle blog, highlighting the best parts of the city and my life in general all in one place.

I’m just starting out, learning, and have tried out a few other blogs, but I really want to place focus on this one and introduce readers to the city I call home. Feel free to read my brief intro on the “About” section, found here, and learn more as this blog grows! I’ve got some great post ideas lined up, and hope to share more. I’ll also be creating some bucket lists, linking my reviews and recaps to those I check off the list so you all can read up on the happenings and how they were.

10570376_10102497027124679_7118196265143946226_nDave and Christine

Just a quick background on me – I live with my boyfriend, Dave, and 4 month old puppy, Louie, in a fantastic location inside the city. I’ve worked for a large telecom company for the past 6 months, and a branding/graphic design agency before that. I have some great friends who are also super active in the city and really enjoy “me” time plus big happenings!


Keep on reading and I look forward to hearing more from you as well!!



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