Labor Day 2014

Labor Day in Atlanta is definitely full of many activities – ours started Thursday. Apparently it was National Bowtie day, and unknowingly, I had purchased bowties from Target for Louie during my lunch break. I guess he was set for the holiday without even trying! We headed out with the pup to Sweetwater, and I have to say, those beers creep up quick! Wooden Cactus is a new, tequila infused brew – delicious, and dangerous.

2014-08-28 17.09.36


Friday began the true festivities. I went to UGA, Dave went to EVU, and if you keep up with college football you know that Saturday’s Chick-fil-A kickoff was WVU vs. Bama. A few of Dave’s friends from all different areas came into town to come back to watch their alma mater. It was a big event in Atlanta, and the WVU alumni group hosted a few parties around the city – including one at Park Tavern on Friday night. It’s funny seeing the differences between schools, as UGA is definitely a true southern school (polos, khakis, dresses…), and WVU is all about the T-shirts, beer and their Mountaineers! Raccoon hats were abundant, which made for a fun and definitely interesting atmosphere.


Saturday involved a little recovery, a lot of football, and snuggles with my puppy! I ended up not attending the game, but everyone else from the crew did. Somehow they all ended up with 50 yard line tickets not too far back! After a great first start, WVU unfortunately lost. I’m glad I can’t say the same for the Dawgs – who crushed Clemson thanks to Gurley’s stats alone!

After the game we just hung out, ending up in the Virginia Highlands with those other warriors who made it through the day.

Sunday and Monday both turned into days of rest. We did head out to Park Tavern again Sunday night for their Unplugged in the Park. It ends September 14th, so if you haven’t made it to one yet, I would suggest going! The band was Connor Christian & Southern Gothic, and in light of Dragoncon which was also in Atlanta this weekend, they covered the Game of Thrones theme song! Besides that, their southern rock was the perfect end to a great weekend.


I’ve never had so much food in a weekend though – between Mexican, Zaxby’s, Krispy Kreme, Sweetwater beer, a family grill-out and who knows what else, my watch started to not fit because I was so bloated! I cannot wait to detox a bit this upcoming week. I plan on doing a lot of nothing and eating a big green salad at least once a day.


What did you do for Labor Day? Anyone get to experience Dragoncon? I still have it on my to-do list! Maybe next year…






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