One of the best features about Atlanta is their sports teams. I’ve been to many of the stadiums here, and can honestly say one of my favorite to visit is Turner Field. Unfortunately, the Braves will be moving to Cobb county in 2017, leaving the Ted behind to a still to-be-determined fate. Rumors of it being converted to the MLS stadium or Georgia State’s athletic compound are in the air, but nothing has been set.


We headed to the Braves vs. Phillies game for one last hoorah of Labor Day weekend. It was actually a company Braves outing for Dave’s work, but it ended up just being four of us. Oh well..

The two people we went with had never been to a Braves game, one not even knowing the rules of baseball at all (he’s not from the US originally), so it was fun introducing someone to the great sport of baseball!

Unfortunately, the Braves lost, but it was still a great game to watch. If you visit, get seats along the third base line or opt for the cheaper ones in the 300s like we did. You walk by all of the boxes and they have some of the best food and beer selections close by in an air-conditioned hallway.


What are your favorite MLB stadiums? Did you know that 42 is a number retired across all major league teams, although Jackie Robinson only played for the then Brooklyn Dodgers? 44 is Braves’ legend Hank Aaron!





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