3 Months In

It has officially been 3 months since the most cuddly, furry, lovable little creature came into our lives. Louie.


Just a little background, we adopted Louie from Labrador Friends of the South in Atlanta when he was 8 weeks old. Dave and I had come to the conclusion that we wanted a male, yellow lab puppy, and when Louie was rescued from a shelter and placed at the vet’s office by Lab Friends, we knew he needed to be ours!

Funny fact: Louie was formerly named Mo. He is listed as his sister on the site, which is an easy mix-up because they look exactly alike! Louie has the cutest little forehead birthmark.


It was quite the timing. Dave and I had moved in with each other Friday, had a home tour by Lab Friends Monday, and adopted Louie Tuesday! We didn’t even have a couch, boxes were everywhere, and Dave was leaving for the upcoming weekend. But we made it work, and it was probably one of the best decisions to jump right into it with the pup.


It was not easy. Lou was a puppy, and with puppies come poop – lots of poop, and pee! Everywhere. If you ever owned a young puppy, you know exactly what I am talking about. They’re adorable, but lots of work! You have to take them out about every hour, and during the night we took Lou out at least twice! They also will tear things – box springs, under the couch, any sorts of paper. Louie also loves Dave’s black socks. He will somehow find them and just tromp around the house with them. He laughs and thinks it is funny as he runs away from us.


But what a joy he is – having a little golden nugget as we call him is the best. He loves to snuggle, is a total goof ball, loves you to pieces, and always wants to be with you. We love him so much, and he is spoiled rotten! eyeemfiltered1412631567880

Louie is also super spoiled and now sleeps on the bed. After about a month of him sleeping in the crate, it broke our hearts to hear him whine during the night because he wanted to be with us. One night, Dave grabbed him out of the crate, took him out, and then plopped him in bed. That was it. This little boy made himself super comfy, right in between us, belly up, head on pillow. With the new, comfy sleeping situation, he will sleep until 12 the next day if able.


The first three months involved a big growth spurt, from 8 to 35 pounds, a gradual lessening of accidents in the house, so many snuggles and naps, learning sit, shake, come and drop, and two different brewery trips!


He’s the sweetest boy, I’m sad that these first 3 months went by so quick, but so happy to have this little man in our life!

What questions do you all have about puppies? Are you thinking about getting one? P.S. – I highly recommend adopting!!



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