Workplace Style Trials

Wake up call is at 6am. I hop out of bed, start getting ready, my teenager (aka dog) finally decides he wants to wake up. I take him out in a big baggy hoodie, then quickly eat breakfast. 5 minutes left to get dressed before 7:30 and more traffic hits. Yes, makeup is done in the car.

When I get dressed half-asleep, I think I have a great idea for an outfit, something that comes off as trendy and professional.


I feel uncomfortable in what I am wearing. My skirt is too tight (a side effect of not working out and eating properly for the past few months) and the booties I am wearing do not go with the length of the skirt. Also, the top I’m wearing, a bright turquoise, seems out of place for the season and the rest of my all-black outfit. Yes, I feel uncomfortable and just want to hide behind my desk. Can I go back to the baggy hoodie from this morning please?

I think it’s getting to a point where I need to start planning outfits, and not just throwing things together in the dark because they seem like they’d match in my head. It isn’t working. I’ve pulled a few pieces of style inspiration for the next month to try to re-create with my closet. Keep in mind, I work in corporate. Jeans are a Friday thing and the office is comprised of mostly men my dad’s age. It definitely affects how I present myself. Below are a few outfits that are completely work appropriate. Southern Curls and Pearls also did a great post about work attire – definitely worth a look if you are interested in what is and is not appropriate for the workplace.
ElleApparel2 ElleApparel1 TheSweetestThing HappilyGrey


What is your office attire like? Do you know the feeling I am talking about? What key pieces or outfits do you always seem to wear to the office?



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