Concert Shots with the Nifty Fifty

Guyssss, I am so so happy with my new toy! Dave had a show at the Masquerade in Atlanta on Saturday and I have been very anxious to try my hand at some concert shots. Right after I dropped off him and his gear, I headed right to the only Wolf Camera that still exists in Georgia to get my Canon 50mm 1.8. It was about $100, and worth it!

When shooting concerts, you have to shoot WIDE open with such little light, meaning that you want your aperture set as low as possible. Kit lenses are nice, but this one gets you down to that 1.8 easy!

Also with concerts, you have a constantly moving subject. Therefore you have to have a fast lens, which again is another feature of the 50mm. I was about to reach ISO 6400 as well, which yes, gives less detail but freezes your subject.

Two things to also remember with a 50mm – your subject, what you want in focus, should be in the center of your shot. You can go back and adjust to frame 1/3rds later, but having your subject centered makes it as crisp as possible, which take all of that focus you can get! The lens also does not zoom, meaning that you really have to think about your frame and you got to get close! I felt a little awkward at first doing so, but I can tell I already like the closer shots better.

This concert was perfect to start using this lens at since it was a smaller venue, and I didn’t mind getting up front. Unfortunately, Dave decided to quit the band after this show, so I really didn’t want to put too many shots up of the other members. It was a great concert though – attitudes and different music philosophies and goals can break a band up quicker than anything, just like a relationship. That’s why it happens a lot!

IMG_5118 IMG_5094 IMG_5085 IMG_5067 IMG_5058



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