The Krog Masquerade

If you are from Atlanta, you know the word “Krog” is synonymous with the the word “art”, more specifically local art and street talent. This area is especially known for the brilliant Krog Street tunnel, where local artists, mainly grafitti (which honestly, I can’t spray a chair one color properly so how the heck do you make these masterpieces??) paint the tunnels and showcase their astounding talents.

Krog Street Tunnel, photographed by Mark Chandler of Atlanta

Krog Street Tunnel, photographed by Mark Chandler of Atlanta

Well, in true form of someone trying to be as profitable as possible, they exploited this art. The tunnel is being shut down for the Krog Street Masquerade, where the intention was to have a party with the backdrop being these local artists’ work. There was protest.

Over 100 artists in the Atlanta area arrived at the tunnel earlier this week and gray-washed over their work. This art they had created was meant for the public to enjoy, for free, and not for an event company to use for profit. If they wanted a brilliant artistic backdrop, pay for it these artists said. I couldn’t agree more.

The talent these people possess is not common, and rare goods should be held as a privilege to be surrounded by. This event is NOT raising money for artists that provided this artwork. As someone who has some artistic ability and has put a decent amount of hours into a multitude of crafts, I would be hella po’ed if someone just used me. It’s not cheap, it’s time consuming, thoughtful.  However, it is providing some benefit to the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, which is not well publicized, especially before this incident, which makes me believe this occurred after the gray painting occurred. Maybe ask the artists that this legal group provides services for to paint the walls, as they are the ones benefiting?

I’ve read the artists stories, and fully support them in their protest. I have not visited the tunnel prior to the painting, but I’m excited to see what will become of the tunnel in the coming weeks. They plan to re-paint, better than ever, and again provide this beautiful art to us ATLiens. Lesson learned people – appreciate what people provide, thank them for what they do. Let’s not run local public art out of Atlanta. It’s a great piece of our culture that needs to be preserved, properly.



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