I did something BIG Tuesday night.

It all started with the blog Unfancy, reading about her wardrobe capsule collection, and inspired by the daily looks she posted. The word “minimalism” kept recurring. Then I saw somewhere else a post about 5 steps to this word, minimalism, and I kept digging, and digging and digging…Until The Minimalists and their TED Talk appeared on  my screen.

I’ve been blogging about debt – it is no secret that I have it. In a quick chat the other night with my boyfriend, I actually stated “I’m in debt because I buy too many clothes”. WHAT? Could pairing down and wearing things I love dwindle down my debt? Could I also cut back on the anxiety I feel each and every time I open my closet. I wanted to see.

IMG_5380 IMG_5379 IMG_5377

I came prepared, with signs and boxes and the mindset to let things go. And so I did.

I had read the best way to go about this is to create 4 piles

1. Love It – it goes back in the closet

2. Seasonal – Love it, but not for this season, so store it.

3. Maybe – Store it. A lot of the items in this bin are things that are a little too tight at the moment (my fat pants fit perfectly)

4. Nope – Get rid of it. Sell it, donate, etc…


I set up a clothing rack I’ve had forever (when my closet used to be set up in a short, loft space up a ladder) and first tackled the pants. It was funny how easy it was to determine what was seasonal, what I needed to give away, and what didn’t fit but I do like them at present.


Then I moved on to dresses, then skirts, then tops… The whole process only took about 45 minutes, and about 2/3 of my closet was no longer there.

Then the shoes. I will admit, I have a HUGE problem with shoes. They are probably the most difficult things for me to give up. 1 because of the price and 2 because there are so many “what if” situations I run through my head. The what if clothing pieces, that have been sitting for years, needed to go.


This is big – I am getting rid of 9 pairs of shoes. These are shoes I have been holding onto for years! Working both in a casual and corporate environment, and knowing the lifestyle I live outside of work, it actually was a little easier to determine which of these beauties no longer served a purpose to me.

In that hour, it is amazing what happened. My closet now has lots of space, all of my pants are not hanging folded in half, but clipped at the top (yes, call me OCD) and I can see what shoes I do have!


IMG_5427IMG_5426 IMG_5424

My goal was to get to 37 pieces, as stated by Unfancy, but as I was cleaning things out I realized that it just wasn’t possible since I really do have 2 wardrobes – work and play. I still held onto more shoes than I would like, but I guess that means I can wear what I do have for a long time.

Here is the big challenge though – I cannot buy any clothing pieces for the next 3 months! I’m not actually sure I have all I need though – as I cleaned my closet and with that, I do see the gaps. I may start writing a wish list of types of items I need, and purchase those as I sell my clothes that are going to be posted on Poshmark, things like sweaters I can wear to work and/or play.


And that Poshmark plug – yeah, there are going to be a TON of great items posted, some that still have tags and I just NEVER wore, or I bought them too small and it’s unrealistic for me to fit into them, etc…

If you’re interested in how a capsule collection works, or about clothing minimalism in general, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Unfancy’s blog.



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