The 10 Do’s of December

How is it December? Honestly, I haven’t been writing. It’s not because I don’t want to, but it is because I am lacking in determining WHAT I want to write about. I feel that I have a lot to talk about, but how do I put it into words that interest people, and with focus?

One of my goals for the next few months is to get this in line. I do want to remain a lifestyle blog, but what parts of life? It is so broad, and so much to cover! Where do my passions lie, what do I want to learn? This blog should help me and those who read it grow. The focus is coming people, just give me a little bit 🙂

So how did my November list shape up?

  1. Attend a UGA Football Game Went to UGA vs. GT…. let’s just say the outcome was not favorable
  2. Spend quality time with my brother, who may no longer speak English after spending 4 months in South America We ate dinner, we went on a walk, I punched him. Quality
  3. Fix my mac book No…
  4. Begin organizing my photos No… but I did buy a photo printer and instagram scrapbooks
  5. Minimize my bathroom, bed side table, bathing suits and scarves I got to some of it, more to come!
  6. Plan gifts for loved ones Almost done with buying MEANINGFUL gifts
  7. Do not buy any clothes Heck yeah!! My bank account is screaming YES
  8. Take better pictures for Poshmark, and list more Done! I still have more to post, but my closet is looking pretty
  9. Make a great side dish for Thanksgiving Yeah, I made Pecan Pie. I ate most of it.
  10. Hit my Amanda Adams Bikini Body workouts each week (3 minimum) Haha, no…

Without further adieu….

The 10 Do’s of December



  1. Wrap my gifts really pretty.
  2. Find the perfect new year’s dress, which can be a recycled one.
  3. Make a peppermint chocolate martini with the mixer I have.
  4. Hit my Bikini Body workouts (try, try again).
  5. Hit my Diet Bet goal 1. I’m doing a 6 month long one!
  6. Get dinner with our friends who are having a baby soon.
  7. Have a girl’s night out again.
  8. Start training Louie, that wild child!
  9. Organize my photos on Bitcasa
  10. Minimize bathing suits, scarves, large dresser, linen closet, and outdoor closet.



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