Minimalism Movement

I’ve started really working on moving to a more minimalistic life – one not filled with things that don’t bring me fulfillment.

Minimalism is not necessarily getting to a certain number, but creating a life with things that bring you joy, and not wasting time, energy, money and other resources on things that do not fill your life with happiness. It is the removal of clutter, which comes in many forms rather than the old TV screen you haven’t plugged in for two years.

Many items in my life has been sitting in storage bins, closets and armoires without any use for years. My first large task was my clothing closet, and I’m happy to say that I have successfully built my first capsule wardrobe for Winter 2015. I’m very excited to share it once I gain some extra time to properly photograph my pieces. I’ve removed a lot of people on my social media outlets over the past few months. Relationships with people evolve, for better or worse, and I don’t want to connect with those that have gone sour, but rather focus my energies on the ones I am building and enjoying.

I’m working to determine where I want to put my time, and I believe I see it in animal rescues, art, photography, travel, and learning new skills such as guitar and languages.

2015 had no resolutions yet, as I am still working through Whitney English’s fabulous Well Designed Year worksheets. At the end, I will have focused goals, tailored to me and defining what brings me joy and fulfillment in life. 2015 will be a very different year of priorities, and I’m excited to see what they become, because who wouldn’t want a year full of happiness and great memories?

If you are looking into minimalism, I’m linking some great blogs to start with below!

Into Mind (I purchased her Style Workbook)


Becoming Minimalist

The Minimalists



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