Intentional Spending

Do you ever have triggers that just send you right into an unwanted situation? Sometimes for me it can be an eating situation, like giving in to that 1000 calories slice of cheesecake or wanting the fried over grilled platter. But often times, it comes to me as a shopping spree, one that debits my account hundreds of dollars.

Shopping sprees are such a weird beast to me. We spend a ton of money on them, want to sometimes give them to others as a present or treat, and usually end up having hot flashes because of buyer’s remorse once the high is over. I know my anxiety flares up after a few hundred dollars out of my account.

One of the things I really have loved is my capsule collection. It feels thoughtful, that each piece has a purpose and purchased with love and selection. Often times I would step into my closet and get flustered. There was never anything to wear. Nothing fit right. This had a stain on the front I needed to somehow cover. These bagged too much…. So many problems. I was continually going on shopping sprees to fill up my closet with more items.

I was spending a LOT of money on these clothes I didn’t love. I really don’t know why most of them came home with me. Why did I have ten work blouses and nothing more casual to wear on the weekend? Did I really need 5 different colors of jeans? Nope. Now things are streamlined, and picking out an outfit is so easy, and seemingly less expensive.

One of the things I really had a problem with was clothes sitting in my closet for months on end with the tags still attached. If this happens now, I notice it quickly and act on changing it. I currently have a green sweater I purchased that fits just wrong. It looks like it should be baggy, but it is too short. I’m returning it and exchanging for the larger size this weekend, making sure that any return periods aren’t missed.

I also am learning that there are many skinny mirrors in the world, and sometimes they distort how you see yourself. I am finding a love for online shopping, where I can stand in front of MY own un-edited mirror and truly determine if a piece is flattering. It is hard to avoid those skinny mirrors though – they make you look dang good. I’ve been working at a retail store for a bit now (hint, it’s a four letter word that starts with L and ends with T) and I just recently realized they for sure have skinny mirrors!! I wondered why I always thought my outfits looked better in store than home, ha. They can also spur you to purchase more.

Be wary and recognize your triggers that send you into shopping mode, whether it is stress, boredom, the feeling of need, or some other instance, and try to replace those times with another activity, such as working out, reading, writing, goal setting, etc…

What are your triggers? How do you keep them at bay?



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