Lite Holidays

The holidays, without doubt, always turn into an extremely stressful situation for me. I have all of these ideas for fantastic gifts I want to get others, or I scramble at the end to find something that is not a gift card and will possibly impress.

Usually, both situations result in large amounts of money spent. Sometimes, the thought is there, but other times it is just filling up the empty space under the tree. The gifts really have little meaning, and end up either being returned or unused, taking up space.

This year, I offered up to my family an alternative, way before the holiday season started. I asked if we could go very lite for the holidays – few gifts, if any. Dave and I decided we were not even going to exchange items. Louie was our big present this year, and that was fine with me as we both have goals to get out of debt asap.

The following gifts I purchased for my family were inexpensive, thoughtful, and I believe very useful to everyone’s individual goals.

Mom, her recent activities involve career development and continuing to run and evolve her own business

Lara Casey’s Powersheets – these are goal-oriented worksheets that help you define your business and at minimum the next 6 weeks. I love that Lara Casey actually provides you the physical print of them, unlike many who send you a PDF to download. It made them just that much prettier.Going off her website colors, I also purchased the Bigso Bright Stockholm Binder in orange to place the sheets in.


Daniel, my brother, just returned from Argentina after studying abroad for 5 months. He loves travel!

I decided to scour etsy for a great map that would help him keep track of where he has been and possibly also determine where he wants to go next. He has lived in both Ecuador and Argentina so far. I really hope to travel with him in the next few years as he is also fluent in Spanish.


Dad, he loves music, and since my brother and I couldn’t afford tickets to a concert at the time, we added to his collection.

Elton John hits and Eric Clapton’s Crossroads collection. My dad has has the Crossroads collection at least 3 times and keeps losing it! My brother and I thought it was time to get it for him again as he loves Clapton. My brother suggestion Elton John as well, which was pretty neat as it is an artist I didn’t know my dad enjoyed. I would love to be able to take my dad to a classics show the end of this year.

Eric Clapton - Crossroads Disc3 - FHow did you manage the holidays? Did you ask loved ones to join in on a lighter gift giving season too?



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