Winter Work Capsule Edit

A capsule wardrobe provides the benefit of just grabbing into your closet and automatically knowing that it is something that fits, that fits well, and that it usually matches with everything else you have in your closet.

For me, I do have two different capsules – a 37 piece everyday one, and a 20-ish piece work one. I work in a more corporate environment, so many of the things I wear to work I would not wear in my day-to-day life, and vise versa.

With my work capsule, a month in, I am definitely noticing both gaps and items that are a pain to wear, and by pain I mean I don’t really like them and therefore don’t really want to wear them. What would I have done differently?

1. Purchase more skinny slacks that are not ankle fit.

I have been loving my black booties and also my tall camel boots. However, when you have a wider leg opening at the bottom, these don’t usually work. Either it looks funny covering an ankle bootie, or creates a lot of extra fabric in tall boots. I have too many trousers in my capsule – I believe three total. I forced myself to wear the black trousers to work today, but I am not happy about it. I had to wear normal pumps so that they wouldn’t look funny, and those combined with my bum knee is not the most comfortable combination.

I also have a problem with ankle fit, which is a bit wider opening that skinny. For the summer, they are great as you wear more open heels or pumps, but in the winter, wearing them with booties looks funny.

2. Purchase thicker tops

Sitting by a window, the beautiful scene from outside is one I definitely cannot complain about. However, sitting by a window also means colder temperatures. I’ve also found that in all corporations that I have worked in, the thermostat seems to be set very low. I am freezing, all of the time. I wish I focused on purchasing more sweaters and thicker knits to keep myself warm.

3. Purchase something to layer under an open cardigan

I purchased this great waterfall cardigan. The sleeves are pretty tight though, so it makes it difficult to layer another long sleeve shirt under. I realized I haven’t worn it yet but really want to. I need to add at least one layering shellย to my capsule next time.

4. Invest in great looking flats or low heels

I have a bad knee, I’ve spoke to it a few times. With that, I love heels but after a full day the throbbing and pain is just not worth it! I have nude colored flats, but for the winter, they are very cold and make me look naked against the pale skin. I would love to invest in a possibly warmer, but most definitely black or charcoal flat or low heel.

5. Purchasing shirts that button up the front

Boobs…. they always get in the way. I hate wearing cardigans underneath, but most of the time it is essential with some of my blouses that decide to pucker in all the right places to cause embarrassment. I need to focus on purchasing less of these, and anything see-through.


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