The Week Eats: #1

I am a notorious food prepper. I love to pin all of these great, one to two servings meals to pinterest, but in the end I cook the big healthy casserole or chili pot.

I would love to have the time to cook during the week, but I just don’t. I think many of you are like me as well – strapped for time, wanting to save money, but also eat healthy. Here is what was on my list for this week:


3 egg whites scrambled with sausage and a cup of spinach

Smoothie with 70g pineapple, 70g mixed berries, and half of a banana


Detox Quinoa Salad



Budget Friendly Sweet Potato Lasagna


For the dinner recipe, I did add a lot more cheese, and doubled the egg white/cottage cheese mix. I split this up into 6 servings, and froze the majority of them to make it last longer and easier to grab an individual serving.

Any recipes you all think I should try out? I’ll continue to post to give you all some ideas!



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