Pizza, Poles and Pow Pow

Can anyone guess what I’m referring to?

For the first trip of the year, Dave and I headed to Snowshoe, West Virginia for a cabin and ski trip. It was my first time skiing, ever. I asked my dad for a winter coat for Christmas just because I knew this trip was coming up, and being from Georgia, I didn’t have one. I also had to buy ski pants, a beanie, wool socks, and luckily got to borrow a pair of goggles and neck scarf.20150124_164009

I didn’t feel totally unprepared, which was nice. I had signed up for lessons, which were the best investment! I have no idea how you learn to ski as an adult without them. My boyfriend snowboards, so totally different. I ended up getting to the rolling lesson time so late that I landed a private class for almost two hours! There, I learned pizza, a bunny slope, and that no, you don’t go straight down the hill – you actually zig-zag side to side.

Snowshoe has two areas to ski – Snowshoe and Silver Creek. After my lesson ended around 4, Snowshoe was closing down for the day. Silver Creek, however, has lights for night skiing, so we headed there for my first runs on a green square. Prior to that, I had only tested my skills on the bunniest of bunny slopes. I was not expecting the speed I picked up so quickly!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


I also learned that my knee does not agree with skiing, especially snowplowing. I would love the thrill of going down the hill, swerving back and forth, and then when I would reach the bottom, my knee would be throbbing in so much pain! I wanted to go again and again but could only take so much. I really need to work on it….

Other than that, we played a lot of Catch Phrase, had no cell service for the whole weekend, and really got to enjoy a full cabin of company. Oh, and onesies… apparently we were the only ones that got the memo.

2015-01-25 21.26.57

I really loved skiing, and can’t wait to go again. Any places for a beginner to head to? What are some of your tips?




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