Step Back

Sometimes, life just stresses you out and catches up to you. Our world kind of drives us to that mentality – work harder and longer hours, make sure you get your workout in, do this and that for just 10 minutes a day, eat healthy, get involved… it just becomes an overload.

Last week, I reached a bit of a breaking point and realized I needed a step back. I actually made myself sick – cough, cold, lethargic…I even got a good cry in on Valentine’s Day, ha. I had broken myself a bit with all of the above, pushing myself way too hard. So, how do you cut back when you feel you are overly-committed:

1. Get your house clean.

This is a huge one for me. I am a Type A, OCD personality, and if my home feels filthy or chaotic, that energy immediately reflects onto my personality. I feel disheveled, and like there is much more to do than there actually is. I take some time first for the home, make it a priority, and I also express this to my boyfriend, who does not react the same way as I do to mess. He can go forever without thinking about the pile of laundry. Me, well, it makes my blood boil and my blood pressure jump. I’ve been making sure to communicate with him better my feelings because ladies, guys do not pick up on things. You have to be direct. This has been an invaluable lesson I’ve learned.

2. Reschedule or Skip

Feeling over-committed? Look at what is coming up for this week, and prioritize. If you broke like I did, I suggest removing anything work-related or volunteer oriented and just take some time with friends or family. I have weekly Bachelor nights with girlfriends that I try to get to every week, and have become a priority. With working on an hourly basis, I decided to figure out the bare minimum hours I need, and stick to that so I reach my budget goals without pushing myself too far. I also rescheduled a few meetings and some of my workouts to days I am more available and not finally ending all of my “to-do’s” for the day at 10pm. Going from 7am -10pm is not a way to maintain sanity, ha.

3. Have a treat

Are you on a pretty strict diet? Give yourself a break. By that I don’t mean a two day pizza and ice cream bender, but I do mean having a cheat meal, or a little sweet every day. Your favorite indulgence will give you a quick boost, but make sure to focus back on your healthy eating so you still feel good about yourself. I had Cook Out last night, the works, including a double pattie, cheese, fries, hush puppies and the banana fudge shake. You bet I won’t be eating that again for a bit, but it was quite enjoyable (until I felt overly full) but still… ha. It also reminds me every time how much better I feel when I eat healthy and resets my focus.

4. Work from home

Working from home is the best!! It lets you re-charge by yourself, and work on your own time. I’m lucky enough right now to have this as an option, but I use it sparingly. I usually get a lot done during this time and staying in sweats all day while catching up on all the Thursday night shows (hello Grey’s, Scandal and HTGAWM) really helps me feel like I’m still relaxing.

5. Smell the roses

Literally or figuratively – go for a walk, take your dog to the park, take some photos, paint. etc… If you have a hobby you love but never have time for, do it. You’ll feel super refreshed and relaxed.


What other tips do you have to bring yourself back from the tipping point?



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