Oakhurst Wine Crawl 2015

After the cold, rain and snow flurries that Georgia experienced the prior week, I was hoping that the weekend would shape up to be a bit more spring like and allow some activities besides sitting inside to escape the cold all day. Finally, the weather broke, and the plans to enjoy the day outside were shaping up.

With all of the oyster-fests going on, a few friends and I decided to change it up and discover a local community in Decatur, Georgia, Oakhurst with their annual Wine Crawl. I’ve never been to the Oakhurst area, but it was fun to explore a new area and have the local businesses open up their doors for exploration.

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We got there a bit late, but we made our time there worth it. We quickly hopped from doctor’s offices, to real estate offices, to restaurants, bakeries, a market and even a dog bakery! There were even some girl scouts outside taking advantage and offering cookie and wine pairings. I know they did not know what they were talking about as they were around 12 years old, but their ambition and marketing strategies were funny to hear.

There were some memorable places to visit as well:

Oakhurst Market: They have a selection of breads and wines, as well as an on-site butcher for fresh cuts!

Taj Ma Hound: I was hoping they may have had a few free doggie treats, which they didn’t offer at the crawl, but I was happy to pay a few dollars for their adorable dog treats! Their guiness and lucky dog clovers were especially adorable. Louie, my dog, also has bad allergies, so I was especially happy to hear that chicken is not used in their treats unless noted. They also sell their treats in my 2 favorite all-natural pet stores in the Virginia Highlands!


Decatur Eye Care: They seemed to have an extensive in-office selection of glasses, the people were all so nice, and they had two chocolate fondue fountains. We were told to back-track and head here for those fountains!

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Halo Oakhurst: This place was such a cute hair and skin salon. They offered some great deals to wine crawlers, but their normal prices seemed very reasonable as well! They also offered some yummy brownies from the bakery down the street and M&M’s like candies, but better.

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Sugar Moon Bake Shop: My friend and I walked into this cute little bakery and immediately knew we had to get our wine and go or we would buy dozens of their cupcakes and cookies. This place smelled so good and I would love to do a custom order here in the future!

I didn’t actually discover any new wines to try, but the event wasn’t really a tasting. It was to promote the community and local business in the area. I would highly recommend this event to discover the charm and small-town feel that Oakhurst provides.

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