The 10 Do’s of March


March is the month that just teases you! In Georgia, it gets into the 60s, but just won’t take that leap into full-on spring temperatures. I love this month though, because there is so much to do with the better weather, letting the festivals and events come out of hibernation.

  1. Drink some green beer
  2. Take a trip – now is the perfect time to travel before the travel rush in summer
  3. Build a new capsule wardrobe, yay shopping!!
  4. Switch up my exercise plan – I’ll be finishing up 3 months worth of the Amanda Adams Bikini Body plan
  5. Participate in March Madness
  6. Plant tomatoes or peppers
  7. Make some art
  8. Have an un-ordinary date day with Dave. By un-ordinary, I mean not just dinner and a movie.
  9. Finish saving for and purchase Hunter boots – they’re on my wishlist and April showers are coming!
  10. Spend more time at the dog park and outdoors



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