Debt Accountability Check 2


Another month of no additions to my debt!! I am so so happy about this, and hope to continue this progress. Let’s check it out:

I started tracking end of August of last year, and by the end of 2014, I was down, but had bigger goals. Here are my past numbers:

August 31, 2014 (start): 100%

September 30, 2014: 87.56% (down 12.44%)

October 31, 2014: 91.76% (up 4.6%)

November 30, 2014: 67.02% (down 24.74%)

December 31, 2014: 79.35% (up 12.33%)

January 31, 2015: 58.29% (down 21.06%)

My goal is to reduce my debt by 12% each month. How did this pan out for February?

February 28, 2015: 58.29% (down 21.44%)

Again, down! I have a few more tricks I implemented this month to get down even more than my big January drop:

  • Save/Pay a dollar per day. I had 50 cents go to my credit card and 50 cents go to my savings account each day. This helped when I was in a cash bind, since I had a little more in my joint checking/savings, and also dropped my card balance by a few bucks.
  • I didn’t factor into my budget anticipated (but not guaranteed) payments. These are the extras, such as my part-time job, mystery shopping, ebates, etc… Take it out of your budget and just drop it right on the card when it hits your account!

What goals have you reached this month? Any small ways you would like to share on how you are chopping down that debt?



3 thoughts on “Debt Accountability Check 2

  1. February was pretty bad for me debt reduction wise and financial wise. Just wrote a post about it. Needing some encouragement (sigh) so have been looking at blog posts related to debt. Good job on going above your goals this month!


    • Oh no Jabef! So sorry to hear about that. Just get back to it next month and know that every little bit helps! That’s why I like the dollar a day technique I did. A small amount, but it’s still something 🙂

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