Charleston in a Weekend

Chucktown, what a delicious city! I was so happy to visit again for a long weekend, and the best part is that two of my best friends now live there, so double the reason to head east! There was so much to do and taste in such a short amount of time, and I am fairly impressed by what we accomplished in the one full day I was there.

It’s about a 5 hour drive from Atlanta, and I was so ready to get there just in time for dinner! We met up at Prohibition, a modern American restaurant with waiters in Southern Proper ties and bartenders slinging creative cocktails in suspenders. They had beautiful caged lights to bring the rustic theme, as well as dark wood and tall steel barstools. I absolutely loved the throwback this restaurant’s vibe put off in such a modern and fresh way. The food and drinks lived up to the look as well. I enjoyed their strawberry mojito, the Carolina Roll and of course we split the blueberry basket, which has a deceiving name as it is actually french toast, with a Special K batter to give it crunch, and a blueberry ice cream scoop in the middle.


After dinner, we got to stroll the streets to Theatre 99, the local, and surprisingly cheap, improv comedy theatre. They had a Improv Smackdown competition that night, and I could not stop laughing at the talent up there! Brandy Sullivan, one of the owners of Theatre 99, performed and I cannot wait to go back just to see her again. The quickness and hilarity these people come up with on the spot is something way beyond my talent level. I think this place is going to be a must-go each and every time I visit. While there, I also tried a local beer from Holy City called Washout Wheat, a perfect spring Hefeweizen. I really want to actually head to this brewery next time.


Afterwards we walked to Kaminsky’s, a dessert and drink bar perfect for a late night sweet tooth! They had about a 20-30 minute wait to seat the three of us, so we put our names down and headed to the Charleston City Market. We discovered they host a night market on Fridays and Saturdays. You beat the craziness of the day market, and every artist there must handmake their products, creating a very eclectic and artistic scene to stroll through at night.

After a bit of window shopping, we arrive back at Kaminsky’s just in time to grab our seats. When you walk in, you first pick out a cake or pie you want from their display. I picked out the Coconut Creme Pie, which was a great decision! I believe it is their number two seller, with their Toll House pie being their first. I also got a Kahlua Espresso to go with the pie. It was a little bit of an overload with the two combined, but I took on the challenge! Winning.

The one thing I love about Charleston that is hard to say for Atlanta is that most things in the downtown area are all walking distance. It may be a 20 minute walk, but still doable. Bring your walking shoes when you visit!

The next morning, we made our first stop the sweetest at Glazed. I of course had to try two – the Maple Bacon and the Key Lime Pie. Both oh so good!! We needed a real meal though, so we start walking and shopping just a little bit until we arrived at Toast for another great meal. The place is small and not very trendy, but the people were welcoming and their jalapeno-infused vodka they used for my bloody mary was on point! We beat the breakfast rush too by enjoying our meal later in the day, which was a huge plus and created very little wait time. I ordered the Eggs Meeting Street, recommended by our waiter, which has a fried green tomato, crab cake, and a poached egg. The real star of the meal was the biscuit though!



We then started our walking and shopping for the day. I never realized how much shopping there was in Charleston!! We were in and out of stores for probably 4 hours, checking out everything and on the search for the perfect romper. Of course, we still landed in Anthropologie where I am pretty sure I will be picking up their Capri Blue Volcano scent candles, a cocoon dress, some dishtowels, and this little black romper in the future.


So much shopping and friend time was had – it felt good to spend time with both of my favorite ladies, and it wasn’t even over! A completely unplanned event happened this weekend too – my cousin from Connecticut and her boyfriend just happened to be visiting Charleston that same weekend! We all met up at Poogan’s Porch for dinner later that night. Poogan’s is actually a haunted house, where two sisters both passed at different times. One of them is seen looking out the window near where we dined often. The police have actually been called before saying that someone was inside, only for them to find nothing. Very creepy!!


Another great food and drink stop here, but you must try their cocktails! Apparently their bartender won a ton of awards, and judging from the Ice Pick (think an Arnold Palmer) and Mystic (a mix of vodka, St. Germain, cucumber, and grapefruit juice) I believe them! I then ordered the Pan Seared Sea Scallops, which was pimento cheese ravioli, creamed corn, perfectly cooked scallops and a roasted red pepper vinaigrette. We also had a diner who has a gluten allergy, and they offer many gluten-free options here which made things easy!

The final place of the night was Stars Restaurant. We really just went there quickly for a drink to enjoy the view. They have a beautiful rooftop bar with lounge areas and you can see a large area of the city from above. We didn’t eat there, but apparently it is a pretty good dining spot too.

I hate Sundays – they always signal that the weekend is over and time to head back to work. I made one final food stop before leaving at Bay Street Biergarten and of course got chicken and waffles with another local beer, Westbrook White Thai, to wash it down. I felt satisfied leaving on that culinary high note.


Needless to say, I had an amazing time in Charleston, and was able to pack so much in! I cannot wait to visit and explore more next time. I also need to continue to make sure to sign up for ClassPass after those indulgent weekends, haha.

Have you been to Charleston? Have you tried any of these places, or recommend others for next time? Also, I totally messed up with my photography here and brought a 50mm camera lens versus one that is a little more diverse. I need to continue to improve with this photography thing! At least my phone captured some great food shots for y’all!



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