Debt Accountability Check 3 – Capsule Peek

Another debt accountability check, but currently my finances are so up in the air that I can’t report on where I actually stand! So for today’s post, I thought I’d dive into why I am unable to report, and how I am working on my capsule collection I’ll be sharing (hopefully) next week!

Building a capsule when you love shopping online and have little time for actually going to different malls and stores has it’s benefits and downfalls. When I started building my capsule for this spring, I realized I was missing a lot of items. I wrote out a skeleton of items I wanted to include, very general descriptions, such as “black top” and started shopping away!

Well, when I was shopping away I would order 10 different varieties of one item, such as 10 different black tops to choose from. This has proved interesting, as I have really been working out those credit cards, only to take the time to return items later on in stores. I’m building up rewards on my cards and store accounts, and getting a wider variety of items to decide on than if I were just in store. I feel that it has cut out a lot of time that shopping can take up.

However, with all of those purchases, it takes time to return everything and get it posted onto my account, and that my friends is why my cards are out of whack. I have been tracking my final
decisions, and paying them off in full as I make decisions, but there are a lot of boxes still sitting in my apartment to be returned. I’m ready to get them all out of there, and see what I’ve actually spent on this spring collection. I’ve focused on quality, great deals on those quality items, and making sure I absolutely love the pieces I mark as final.

Since I’m not going into finances, I thought I would share a few items I’ve added to my closet for spring!


Striped Shirt / Wedges / Booties / Floral Kimono

I’ll be sure that my accounts are leveled out next month to provide a better update, and hopefully I’ll positively be out of debt!!

Do you online shop? What are your favorite stores, especially those with great shipping and return policies?



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