A Month of Mindful Spending

With the holidays coming up, and one already passed, my bank accounts are taking quite a hit! I’ve been out of debt for a few months (yay!!) and saving, but the past month I’ve seen myself using my credit card a little frivolously. It has to stop!

For December, I’ll be sticking to my budget heavily, and determining how to save here and there as things come up. Here are the tips I’ll be using:

  1. Use cash wallets  – make sure to take out the amount you have for each budget in your life. For example, take out a wallet for groceries for the week, or your weekend money, etc…
  2. Put away the credit card. I feel uncomfortable not having a credit card on me, but I’ll at least make sure I am consciously reaching for my debit card or cash instead! Keep the credit card zipped up in your change wallet or in a less visible area on you if you are like me and don’t like not having it for emergencies.
  3. Check in daily. I have an expenses spreadsheet which I shared in a previous post. I still use this! I update my spreadsheet almost daily, to make sure I am on track.
  4. Do zero-based budgeting. If you have a little extra outside of your budget in your checking account, outside of your budgets, transfer it to your credit card debt or savings account. Even if it is just a couple bucks, it HELPS!
  5. Return what you can, sell what you can’t. Now is the perfect time to clean out your closet, post some things on Craigslist, or sell on Poshmark (my favorite)! Get some cash in versus sending it all out.

These are just a few tips to get your through the tight holidays and cleanse your spending habit. Any other suggestions you all have? How do you control your spending during the holidays?



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