Sugar For A Week

The past few months, I have been so much more aware of what has been going into my body. I’ve been drinking more fruits and veggies, less processed and pretty much no fast food, and making sure I stay away from coffee and soda, especially soda as it is such a harsh stimulant, and that Diet Coke I love is packed of an exorbitant amount of chemicals that probably should be going no where near my insides.

Well, I have officially been off Diet Coke for over a month, and have only had several half-cups of coffee! That is a big step. I’ve also completed 2 cleanses from Kris Carr, author of the book Crazy Sexy Juice. But this past week has seen me stuffing my face with total junk, packed full of refined sugar. I do not feel good right now, and here are a few of the symptoms I’m experiencing with only a FEW days back on sugar:

  • Tiredness, which has me wanting to reach for that cup of coffee
  • Cravings for sugar, which is also probably a result of my lack of sleep
  • Poor sleep, caused by me drinking caffeine, and also by lack of nutrition. I find myself waking up several times during the night.
  • Bloat – we all know this one
  • Acne – a few little bumps are starting to appear on my chin. I was super clear the past few weeks, which is great as I’ve been acne-prone for over 15 years.
  • Poor balance – I had one cup of coffee later in the day, prior to my Tuesday power yoga class, and I could not even hold Crescent pose – my head was not there and my whole body just felt so shaking and off-balance. I hated that feeling.

It just shows what eating poorly can do. It amazes me to think that people pump their bodies for longer periods of time than me with these harmful ingredients, and they don’t see what it is doing to them until they step away from it.


The main source of my bad habits have come at the office, where I am 80% of the day. We had a company outing yesterday where I had beer and cupcakes. There has been a non-stop influx of holiday candy, cookies and even lots of cake sitting in the break room. I will be away from all of that this weekend, so I’m going to work on getting myself a bit back in check and feeling better!


What are your triggers? How do you handle the holiday food binge?




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