Bachelor(ette) in Paradise (Hills)

I’ve been traveling a lot so far this year (Boston, Cape Cod, Nashville, Charleston, North Georgia, North Myrtle Beach…) and also have quite a few plans coming up for a little bit farther away trips. This year has been great! I love being able to have the opportunity to travel more, and I’m definitely making the time for it. My new passport has finally arrived, and in an ambitious play, I went with the 50-page book with the goal of filling that sucker up!

One extremely fun trip this past month was also the most near in North Georgia at Paradise Hills Resort & Spa. It is owned by a couple from Florida who purchased many homes and land in Blairsville, GA and began growing a plot of wine vines. They have already won several awards for their wine, and their property is such a great escape from the city! Funny enough, the couple had not made wine prior to this venture.

For this particular trip, we were actually celebrating one of my friends, the bride-to-be, who will be getting married next week, eek!! Not quite Bachelor in Paradise, but the name was close enough to be comical, and right in line with the season premier!


We hung out in a big cabin for the weekend, meeting everyone from all parts of the country, and got the chance to take a tour of the vineyard and learn more about the wine-making process. Don’t worry, we taste tested plenty of it as well. If you’re looking for a great all in one for a quick North Georgia getaway, I would highly recommend the easy trip to Paradise Hills.



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