Big News – Poshmark Wholesale Portal

Poshmark has just announced a big change and I think I’m looking to really ramp up my involvement on this app!

If you haven’t yet heard of Poshmark, it is an app that is a marketplace for selling used women’s clothing. People have been using this platform as a way to get rid of clothing they no longer use for a bit of cash, sell those new with tag items that missed the return date, and even start an online boutique! Well, that third piece, an online boutique, has just gotten easier.

Poshmark announced last month that they are going to offer a portal, all within the app, that allows you to buy wholesale goods, get them shipped to you, and post to your closet for whatever price you deem fitting. This is very exciting news, especially for someone like me who has thought about opening an online store, but hasn’t had time to fully commit to it!


The wholesale portal will offer a limited number of retailers at first, but I’m sure they will grow quickly! I have to say, I’m not overly excited about the first 4 retailers they presented to top sellers who already have their wholesale / retail certification. The broad categories these retailers offered were graphic tees, purses/accessories, and socks… I’m looking for a little more, but hopeful this portal will amp up quickly!

I’m most excited that Poshmark has taken down some of the barriers to entry that are involved with buying wholesale. I don’t have to go to tradeshows, I don’t have to pay a business license, and Poshmark handles all of the shipping, financial aspect, etc… I just need some overhead cash to purchase, a place to photograph my items, and storage. It is a great way to try it out!

Have you heard of the new wholesale portal? Have you shopped on Poshmark before, or sold? I am also starting to offer spaces in my closet for your clothes if you are wanting to sell, but don’t really want to put the time/effort into it!



The 10 Do’s of April


Festival season is in full swing. Just looking at my calendar, I cannot believe all that is going on in four short weeks around this town. Let’s see if I can make it through prior to pool-side sipping coming up in the next few months!

  1. Enjoy a weekend away
  2. Determine how to tweak my workout for better summer results
  3. Do some gardening – March didn’t allow some dirt diggin’ time
  4. Get creative – an art project is still hung up in my queue
  5. Attend Summer Sunsets in the Park – one of the best Sunday rituals in the city!
  6. Dedicate more time to girlfriends
  7. Begin another photo class
  8. Perfect the festival wardrobe
  9. Attend ALL the festivals – Hogs and Hops, Dogwood, Spring Festival on Ponce, Sweetwater 420 Fest, and Inman Park Festival
  10. Infuse some vodka with jalapenos or other peppers for a great addition to Bloody Mary’s


Beer, Bourbon and BBQ 2015

I think it is safe to say festival season is back! This was our third year attending Beer, Bourbon and BBQ in Atlanta, and it seems every time is gets JUST a little bit warmer, enough to finally realize it’s time to start coming out of hibernation.


Unfortunately, I didn’t find any great flavorings for bourbon this year, but I will mention one from past years that has always stuck – Cabin Fever. It is a great maple whiskey, and one that this vodka girl can enjoy. I’ve never been a particular fan of the dark stuff.

There were also tons of beer samples, which is where I leaned to, making this a great event for lovers of all types of different drinks. The chocolate beer was fantastic – Southern Tier’s Chocolate Stout, Choklat, in particular. You will not be disappointed!

Processed with VSCOcam

Another recommendation and stand out from this year is Midnight Moon’s new Raspberry Moonshine. It was delicious. I got the last sample of it, unfortunately for those behind me (or fortunately, however you want to spin shots of moonshine). This obviously then landed us in the food line, where I grabbed the chicken sandwich and mac and cheese. I was honestly disappointed on the food end – anything involving pork was sold out early on in the festival. Processed with VSCOcam

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood…. Processed with VSCOcam


Oakhurst Wine Crawl 2015

After the cold, rain and snow flurries that Georgia experienced the prior week, I was hoping that the weekend would shape up to be a bit more spring like and allow some activities besides sitting inside to escape the cold all day. Finally, the weather broke, and the plans to enjoy the day outside were shaping up.

With all of the oyster-fests going on, a few friends and I decided to change it up and discover a local community in Decatur, Georgia, Oakhurst with their annual Wine Crawl. I’ve never been to the Oakhurst area, but it was fun to explore a new area and have the local businesses open up their doors for exploration.

Processed with VSCOcam

We got there a bit late, but we made our time there worth it. We quickly hopped from doctor’s offices, to real estate offices, to restaurants, bakeries, a market and even a dog bakery! There were even some girl scouts outside taking advantage and offering cookie and wine pairings. I know they did not know what they were talking about as they were around 12 years old, but their ambition and marketing strategies were funny to hear.

There were some memorable places to visit as well:

Oakhurst Market: They have a selection of breads and wines, as well as an on-site butcher for fresh cuts!

Taj Ma Hound: I was hoping they may have had a few free doggie treats, which they didn’t offer at the crawl, but I was happy to pay a few dollars for their adorable dog treats! Their guiness and lucky dog clovers were especially adorable. Louie, my dog, also has bad allergies, so I was especially happy to hear that chicken is not used in their treats unless noted. They also sell their treats in my 2 favorite all-natural pet stores in the Virginia Highlands!


Decatur Eye Care: They seemed to have an extensive in-office selection of glasses, the people were all so nice, and they had two chocolate fondue fountains. We were told to back-track and head here for those fountains!

Processed with VSCOcam

Halo Oakhurst: This place was such a cute hair and skin salon. They offered some great deals to wine crawlers, but their normal prices seemed very reasonable as well! They also offered some yummy brownies from the bakery down the street and M&M’s like candies, but better.

Processed with VSCOcam

Sugar Moon Bake Shop: My friend and I walked into this cute little bakery and immediately knew we had to get our wine and go or we would buy dozens of their cupcakes and cookies. This place smelled so good and I would love to do a custom order here in the future!

I didn’t actually discover any new wines to try, but the event wasn’t really a tasting. It was to promote the community and local business in the area. I would highly recommend this event to discover the charm and small-town feel that Oakhurst provides.

Processed with VSCOcam


Pizza, Poles and Pow Pow

Can anyone guess what I’m referring to?

For the first trip of the year, Dave and I headed to Snowshoe, West Virginia for a cabin and ski trip. It was my first time skiing, ever. I asked my dad for a winter coat for Christmas just because I knew this trip was coming up, and being from Georgia, I didn’t have one. I also had to buy ski pants, a beanie, wool socks, and luckily got to borrow a pair of goggles and neck scarf.20150124_164009

I didn’t feel totally unprepared, which was nice. I had signed up for lessons, which were the best investment! I have no idea how you learn to ski as an adult without them. My boyfriend snowboards, so totally different. I ended up getting to the rolling lesson time so late that I landed a private class for almost two hours! There, I learned pizza, a bunny slope, and that no, you don’t go straight down the hill – you actually zig-zag side to side.

Snowshoe has two areas to ski – Snowshoe and Silver Creek. After my lesson ended around 4, Snowshoe was closing down for the day. Silver Creek, however, has lights for night skiing, so we headed there for my first runs on a green square. Prior to that, I had only tested my skills on the bunniest of bunny slopes. I was not expecting the speed I picked up so quickly!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


I also learned that my knee does not agree with skiing, especially snowplowing. I would love the thrill of going down the hill, swerving back and forth, and then when I would reach the bottom, my knee would be throbbing in so much pain! I wanted to go again and again but could only take so much. I really need to work on it….

Other than that, we played a lot of Catch Phrase, had no cell service for the whole weekend, and really got to enjoy a full cabin of company. Oh, and onesies… apparently we were the only ones that got the memo.

2015-01-25 21.26.57

I really loved skiing, and can’t wait to go again. Any places for a beginner to head to? What are some of your tips?



Lite Holidays

The holidays, without doubt, always turn into an extremely stressful situation for me. I have all of these ideas for fantastic gifts I want to get others, or I scramble at the end to find something that is not a gift card and will possibly impress.

Usually, both situations result in large amounts of money spent. Sometimes, the thought is there, but other times it is just filling up the empty space under the tree. The gifts really have little meaning, and end up either being returned or unused, taking up space.

This year, I offered up to my family an alternative, way before the holiday season started. I asked if we could go very lite for the holidays – few gifts, if any. Dave and I decided we were not even going to exchange items. Louie was our big present this year, and that was fine with me as we both have goals to get out of debt asap.

The following gifts I purchased for my family were inexpensive, thoughtful, and I believe very useful to everyone’s individual goals.

Mom, her recent activities involve career development and continuing to run and evolve her own business

Lara Casey’s Powersheets – these are goal-oriented worksheets that help you define your business and at minimum the next 6 weeks. I love that Lara Casey actually provides you the physical print of them, unlike many who send you a PDF to download. It made them just that much prettier.Going off her website colors, I also purchased the Bigso Bright Stockholm Binder in orange to place the sheets in.


Daniel, my brother, just returned from Argentina after studying abroad for 5 months. He loves travel!

I decided to scour etsy for a great map that would help him keep track of where he has been and possibly also determine where he wants to go next. He has lived in both Ecuador and Argentina so far. I really hope to travel with him in the next few years as he is also fluent in Spanish.


Dad, he loves music, and since my brother and I couldn’t afford tickets to a concert at the time, we added to his collection.

Elton John hits and Eric Clapton’s Crossroads collection. My dad has has the Crossroads collection at least 3 times and keeps losing it! My brother and I thought it was time to get it for him again as he loves Clapton. My brother suggestion Elton John as well, which was pretty neat as it is an artist I didn’t know my dad enjoyed. I would love to be able to take my dad to a classics show the end of this year.

Eric Clapton - Crossroads Disc3 - FHow did you manage the holidays? Did you ask loved ones to join in on a lighter gift giving season too?


Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate

I went to UGA, I love my Dawgs. Pretty familiar phrases from those of us who bleed red and black.

After the possibility of not attending a football game in Sanford stadium again this year, last minute tickets sales changed my luck around and landed me next to the end-zone to watch my boys play between the hedges. This was the first game I had actually been into since I graduated. What a feeling it was to be back!!

Print me

My two girlfriends and I made a day trip to Athens to watch the state rivalry play out. We were playing Georgia Tech, a yearly Thanksgiving weekend tradition.

After a quick drive out of Atlanta and a pitstop for a skinny peppermint soy mocha (yum!) at Starbuck’s, we headed downtown for a quick bite at Pauley’s. This ages me a bit, but I hadn’t been into the restaurant since it doubled in size. It amazes me how small that place used to be. We ordered a few great morning beverages, including the manmosa. I cannot wait to make this at home, and I’m including the recipe for you at the bottom!

We gobbled up our sandwiches and headed to the stadium for the 12pm kickoff. The game was great. Georgia Tech’s D wouldn’t let Georgia break them. Chubb and Michel, our 2 running backs due to the sad injury Gurley sustained, ran as much as they could. It was back and forth all game, and then finally the last 5 minutes of the 4th left everyone on edge.



If you watched the game, there was a fumble by Georgia Tech, a return touchdown from Georgia, a field goal just shy of missing by Tech, and an interception in overtime that led to the Dawg’s loss. There was so much going on, a great game, and I wish I could say a happier outcome!

It was nice getting off the couch for the day after a very lazy Thanksgiving break, getting back to my second home, and spending some time with great friends. I’m very excited for next year, and to see this team change and hopefully grow a bit.

And now, the Manmosa!

  • 1 shot vodka (3am vodka has caffeine if you need a kick)
  • 1/2 cup champagne (no preference, the OJ masks most of the flavor)
  • Fill the remainder of the glass with OJ, go with quality here!
  • Top with a cherry and orange wedge




Any questions about some of the phrases from UGA? What special traditions do your favorite colleges have, and who is your biggest rival?


Concert Shots with the Nifty Fifty

Guyssss, I am so so happy with my new toy! Dave had a show at the Masquerade in Atlanta on Saturday and I have been very anxious to try my hand at some concert shots. Right after I dropped off him and his gear, I headed right to the only Wolf Camera that still exists in Georgia to get my Canon 50mm 1.8. It was about $100, and worth it!

When shooting concerts, you have to shoot WIDE open with such little light, meaning that you want your aperture set as low as possible. Kit lenses are nice, but this one gets you down to that 1.8 easy!

Also with concerts, you have a constantly moving subject. Therefore you have to have a fast lens, which again is another feature of the 50mm. I was about to reach ISO 6400 as well, which yes, gives less detail but freezes your subject.

Two things to also remember with a 50mm – your subject, what you want in focus, should be in the center of your shot. You can go back and adjust to frame 1/3rds later, but having your subject centered makes it as crisp as possible, which take all of that focus you can get! The lens also does not zoom, meaning that you really have to think about your frame and you got to get close! I felt a little awkward at first doing so, but I can tell I already like the closer shots better.

This concert was perfect to start using this lens at since it was a smaller venue, and I didn’t mind getting up front. Unfortunately, Dave decided to quit the band after this show, so I really didn’t want to put too many shots up of the other members. It was a great concert though – attitudes and different music philosophies and goals can break a band up quicker than anything, just like a relationship. That’s why it happens a lot!

IMG_5118 IMG_5094 IMG_5085 IMG_5067 IMG_5058


May I Have Your Attention Please?

Well thank you! Some of you may recognize the title of this post, and it’s quite a big clue to what I was up to this weekend. We jumped into another big weekend right after my 26th…

Music Midtown came back to Atlanta, and I couldn’t be happier! We had friends at our place all weekend from near and far to join us in one big musical celebration in my backyard. About 75,000 people attended daily, and I was happy I was able to again be one of them.

It was so hard to move between all the great musicians in attendance, but here is who we went to see:

Friday (we failed quite a bit this day)

  • Lorde
  • John Mayer
  • Jack White


  • Third Eye Blind
  • B.o.B.
  • Gregg Allman
  • Bastille
  • Eminem

I could not have been happier with our music choices! Being that the headliners played at the same time each night, a decision had to be made, especially Saturday. Going to Eminem was amazing – he hasn’t played in Atlanta for a very long time, and probably won’t again. Zac Brown Band was the other option, and I’ve seen them before, way back in the “Chicken Fried” days at a concert at Wild Bills (Atlanta people you know how ridiculous that is). They also live in Georgia, so seeing them isn’t very rare.

There’s not much to say about the music – all I heard was great and my ears are still ringing! Did anyone else get to attend? Who was your favorite act? It was a tie for me between B.o.B. and Eminem!

2014-09-19 19.34.11 20140920_152348 20140920_152854 20140920_154604_2 20140920_155736_1 IMG_20140920_220851

I of course ended the weekend with brunch at Henry’s, and only had the best BBQ Shrimp and Grits to ever be created.