I’m Back with a New Hobby!

Oh hey there, it has been a bit! A lot has happened since my last posting in, ummm… April…but that is in the past so let’s keep it there, k? I have been extremely busy with work and fun and summer. It’s what happens, we all go through it. But the good news is that I started a new job a few months ago, which I love, and it really is part of the direction I want to go. I BACK baby, in agency world, and could not be happier. I get to be around creative people so often, use my management talents, and have some awesome coworkers.

Speaking of creative, I wanted to open back up my blogging with a new hobby I have started along with my mom who owns a local faux finishing and decorative painting business. With her help, we’ve started flipping and upcycling and getting our paint on some old wood.

I’m very excited about this first creation we have done together.

Here is what I purchased from someone in the area. Dated, lacking personality, and definitely needing an update!


We worked pretty hard on these pieces. It was my first time using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, and boy was it cool! My mom really had some great teacher tips, too! I cannot wait to own my own place and paint EVERYTHING!

Here is the lovely final product!

PSX_20150905_224634 PSX_20150905_224013 PSX_20150905_224224

Thanks mom for all of the continued teachings! I can’t wait to see what we create next. We have a whole basement full of finds to create! And if you just so happen to be in Atlanta, these are for sale! Just comment below if you are interested, or email wherethepeachesgrowblog@gmail.com