Big News – Poshmark Wholesale Portal

Poshmark has just announced a big change and I think I’m looking to really ramp up my involvement on this app!

If you haven’t yet heard of Poshmark, it is an app that is a marketplace for selling used women’s clothing. People have been using this platform as a way to get rid of clothing they no longer use for a bit of cash, sell those new with tag items that missed the return date, and even start an online boutique! Well, that third piece, an online boutique, has just gotten easier.

Poshmark announced last month that they are going to offer a portal, all within the app, that allows you to buy wholesale goods, get them shipped to you, and post to your closet for whatever price you deem fitting. This is very exciting news, especially for someone like me who has thought about opening an online store, but hasn’t had time to fully commit to it!


The wholesale portal will offer a limited number of retailers at first, but I’m sure they will grow quickly! I have to say, I’m not overly excited about the first 4 retailers they presented to top sellers who already have their wholesale / retail certification. The broad categories these retailers offered were graphic tees, purses/accessories, and socks… I’m looking for a little more, but hopeful this portal will amp up quickly!

I’m most excited that Poshmark has taken down some of the barriers to entry that are involved with buying wholesale. I don’t have to go to tradeshows, I don’t have to pay a business license, and Poshmark handles all of the shipping, financial aspect, etc… I just need some overhead cash to purchase, a place to photograph my items, and storage. It is a great way to try it out!

Have you heard of the new wholesale portal? Have you shopped on Poshmark before, or sold? I am also starting to offer spaces in my closet for your clothes if you are wanting to sell, but don’t really want to put the time/effort into it!



The Handbag I Chose Instead

It was on sale, and it NEVER goes on sale, so I quickly logged into my Nordstrom account and purchased my new bag for pickup. I was pretty sure it was what I wanted, but as soon as I clicked “confirm’, I thought otherwise.

Michael Kors has always been a brand I looked to for style inspiration and really coveted their bags, but to me, their brand has been in a recent spiral down. During college, EVERYONE had to have the big watch, and in recent years, it was all about their bags. Scrolling through Poshmark, it was hard to not submit an offer on the bags listed all over the place. But, I’m starting to realize why I regretted my decision to click “confirm” and purchase a black leather Selma satchel from Michael Kors – their brand was losing.

Over the past couple years, MK has been expanding its brand line to have many price ranges and so many different styles for every budget. It is getting overplayed and overly purchased, and I am over it. When I first saw someone sporting the Selma bag I had purchased, I adored it! But now, their brand is so highly available that this exclusivity is corroding.

I can talk on and on about the brand, and why I loved it, and now why I’m avoiding it, but I wanted to go into what I think is next, and what I’ll be buying and saving up for.

Rebecca Minkoff – I swear that her Mini MACs are the greatest cross-bodies – I own two and want more. Her designs are stylish and practical. The brand is its own, complete with the long tassels. I actually purchased the MAB satchel shown (in smoke) and cannot wait to make it my everyday bag!


Love Quilted Crossbody / MAB Tote / MAC Crossbody

Tory Burch – Classic American with a touch of bohemian, you can never go wrong. The bags can be a bit heavy from reviews I have seen, but with leather that is what you get. They are a bit on the pricier side from this list, but I believe it is worth the investment. It’s going to be my next big bag purchase.


Frances SatchelDouble Zip Tote / Marion Tote

Kate Spade – I’m actually happy that they removed Kate Spade Saturday (and Jack Spade) from their brand lines. It degraded the brand a bit by offering that lower price tier. Funny enough, KSS evolved from a Target collaboration that never panned out (Lilly, I’m looking at you, tisk tisk). Sidenote: Target collabs are a quick way to kill your brand from my own personal opinion. Kate Spade is for the pretty, but their clean lines have drawn me in and I would love a few of their totes for work and wallets to keep everything organized.


Shoulder Bag / Wallet / Satchel

Marc Jacobs – His hip couture as I somewhat see it is one of my favorite to combine classy (they used to work for LV, funny enough) and laid back into one. I love his bags for everyday and weekends, as well as his accessories.The watch I wear daily is by Marc and linked below.


Hobo / Watch / Drawstring Bag

These are all very mainstream brands – which ones do you find yourself gravitating towards? Any brands you love that aren’t listed?


Debt Accountability Check 3 – Capsule Peek

Another debt accountability check, but currently my finances are so up in the air that I can’t report on where I actually stand! So for today’s post, I thought I’d dive into why I am unable to report, and how I am working on my capsule collection I’ll be sharing (hopefully) next week!

Building a capsule when you love shopping online and have little time for actually going to different malls and stores has it’s benefits and downfalls. When I started building my capsule for this spring, I realized I was missing a lot of items. I wrote out a skeleton of items I wanted to include, very general descriptions, such as “black top” and started shopping away!

Well, when I was shopping away I would order 10 different varieties of one item, such as 10 different black tops to choose from. This has proved interesting, as I have really been working out those credit cards, only to take the time to return items later on in stores. I’m building up rewards on my cards and store accounts, and getting a wider variety of items to decide on than if I were just in store. I feel that it has cut out a lot of time that shopping can take up.

However, with all of those purchases, it takes time to return everything and get it posted onto my account, and that my friends is why my cards are out of whack. I have been tracking my final
decisions, and paying them off in full as I make decisions, but there are a lot of boxes still sitting in my apartment to be returned. I’m ready to get them all out of there, and see what I’ve actually spent on this spring collection. I’ve focused on quality, great deals on those quality items, and making sure I absolutely love the pieces I mark as final.

Since I’m not going into finances, I thought I would share a few items I’ve added to my closet for spring!


Striped Shirt / Wedges / Booties / Floral Kimono

I’ll be sure that my accounts are leveled out next month to provide a better update, and hopefully I’ll positively be out of debt!!

Do you online shop? What are your favorite stores, especially those with great shipping and return policies?



I walked into Plato’s closet, lugging 3 overflowing baskets of clothes that no longer fit me, my style or my closet. After patiently waiting 30 minutes or so for the associates to pick through all of those items, I came out empty-handed in the way I didn’t expect. It was a bust – they hadn’t purchased a single item. Instead of coming out with cash, I came back out with my baskets, cramming them into my trunk in defeat.

I was fed up. How frustrating was it that they wouldn’t purchase these clothes that were so well cared for and had reputable clothing brand names slapped all over? I was determined to never walk into another consignment store again. Thank goodness for that.

A close friend of mine had mentioned she was selling some of her items on an app called Poshmark. I had tried it and didn’t sell anything right away, but came back to it a few months later to see if I could use some of my social media strategy to sell my closet.

I had SO MANY clothes – ones I had been holding on to, ones that had been sitting in my trunk, and others that recently left my closet when I decided to adopt minimalism. There was bound to be something someone would buy, right?

At first, I posted some lower quality photos, didn’t network as much as I should have, and by some miracle I still sold a few items! When you start looking at other closets, you realize the time some people put into them, and those are the closets that a listing goes up and is sold within the day. Those are the shops you want to be!

I’ve been fairly successful with Poshmark – I’ve made a few hundred dollars already on relatively not many pieces of clothing. Much more than I’ve ever made at Plato’s or eBay! I also love the app – it is very well designed for a quick reference, and the desktop/iPad version makes it easy to share my items.

If you have a bunch of clothes sitting around, I would suggest trying out Poshmark! Friends, I’m also willing to sell some items for you as I’ve built up my network – you know how to get in touch with me!


I’ll be posting a bit of my strategy, do’s and don’t’s, and more features of the app. Do you have any questions or have you used the app before?

Happy Poshing!


Winter Work Capsule Edit

A capsule wardrobe provides the benefit of just grabbing into your closet and automatically knowing that it is something that fits, that fits well, and that it usually matches with everything else you have in your closet.

For me, I do have two different capsules – a 37 piece everyday one, and a 20-ish piece work one. I work in a more corporate environment, so many of the things I wear to work I would not wear in my day-to-day life, and vise versa.

With my work capsule, a month in, I am definitely noticing both gaps and items that are a pain to wear, and by pain I mean I don’t really like them and therefore don’t really want to wear them. What would I have done differently?

1. Purchase more skinny slacks that are not ankle fit.

I have been loving my black booties and also my tall camel boots. However, when you have a wider leg opening at the bottom, these don’t usually work. Either it looks funny covering an ankle bootie, or creates a lot of extra fabric in tall boots. I have too many trousers in my capsule – I believe three total. I forced myself to wear the black trousers to work today, but I am not happy about it. I had to wear normal pumps so that they wouldn’t look funny, and those combined with my bum knee is not the most comfortable combination.

I also have a problem with ankle fit, which is a bit wider opening that skinny. For the summer, they are great as you wear more open heels or pumps, but in the winter, wearing them with booties looks funny.

2. Purchase thicker tops

Sitting by a window, the beautiful scene from outside is one I definitely cannot complain about. However, sitting by a window also means colder temperatures. I’ve also found that in all corporations that I have worked in, the thermostat seems to be set very low. I am freezing, all of the time. I wish I focused on purchasing more sweaters and thicker knits to keep myself warm.

3. Purchase something to layer under an open cardigan

I purchased this great waterfall cardigan. The sleeves are pretty tight though, so it makes it difficult to layer another long sleeve shirt under. I realized I haven’t worn it yet but really want to. I need to add at least one layering shell to my capsule next time.

4. Invest in great looking flats or low heels

I have a bad knee, I’ve spoke to it a few times. With that, I love heels but after a full day the throbbing and pain is just not worth it! I have nude colored flats, but for the winter, they are very cold and make me look naked against the pale skin. I would love to invest in a possibly warmer, but most definitely black or charcoal flat or low heel.

5. Purchasing shirts that button up the front

Boobs…. they always get in the way. I hate wearing cardigans underneath, but most of the time it is essential with some of my blouses that decide to pucker in all the right places to cause embarrassment. I need to focus on purchasing less of these, and anything see-through.

Winter 2015 Everyday Capsule

Finally, I actually got to collecting all of the items that are rotating through my closet and share them!

I’m excited for this first one, but I can already tell that I am not fully utilizing all of these pieces, just by reviewing what is in my capsule. This is the first shot, with hopefully many more to come and lessons learned. Links to the exact or similar items included under each collage.


PicMonkey Collagetops

1. Maroon Tunic / 2. Plaid (similar) / 3. Open Back Tank / 4. Gray Tee (similar)

5. Navy Dolman Sweater / 6. Blue Leopard Blouse / 7. Navy Dolman (similar) / 8. Dark Chambray

9. Green Sweater / 10. Open Back Cheetah Sweater / 11. Black Baggy Sweater (similar) / 12. Leopard Blouse


PicMonkey Collagebtms

1. Gray Jeans / 2. Destroyed Jeans / 3. Black Maxi

4. Jean Leggings / 5. Leather Leggings / 6. Dark Wash Skinnies


PicMonkey Collagejackets

1. Gray Peacoat (similar) / 2. Black Peacoat (similar) / 3. Black Vest (sold out, similar)

4. Black Jacket / 5. Moto Jacket / 6. Rose Blazer (similar)

7. Black and Leather Blazer / 8. Patterned Vest (sold out, similar)


PicMonkey Collage

1. Black Tie-Waist Dress (similar) / 2. Marled Sleeve Black Dress / 3. Colorblock Maxi


PicMonkey Collage#

1. Frye Paige Riding Boots / 2. Brown OTK Boots / 3. Brown Riding Boots

4. Black Booties / 5. Chestnut Ankle Bootie (similar) / 6. Black OTK Boots

7. Gray Converse / 8. Black Quilted Slip Ons

If you have any questions about these 37 pieces, please let me know! I’m really enjoying my closet and determining my style, likes, and dislikes. Are there pieces in your closet you gravitate to?


Lite Holidays

The holidays, without doubt, always turn into an extremely stressful situation for me. I have all of these ideas for fantastic gifts I want to get others, or I scramble at the end to find something that is not a gift card and will possibly impress.

Usually, both situations result in large amounts of money spent. Sometimes, the thought is there, but other times it is just filling up the empty space under the tree. The gifts really have little meaning, and end up either being returned or unused, taking up space.

This year, I offered up to my family an alternative, way before the holiday season started. I asked if we could go very lite for the holidays – few gifts, if any. Dave and I decided we were not even going to exchange items. Louie was our big present this year, and that was fine with me as we both have goals to get out of debt asap.

The following gifts I purchased for my family were inexpensive, thoughtful, and I believe very useful to everyone’s individual goals.

Mom, her recent activities involve career development and continuing to run and evolve her own business

Lara Casey’s Powersheets – these are goal-oriented worksheets that help you define your business and at minimum the next 6 weeks. I love that Lara Casey actually provides you the physical print of them, unlike many who send you a PDF to download. It made them just that much prettier.Going off her website colors, I also purchased the Bigso Bright Stockholm Binder in orange to place the sheets in.


Daniel, my brother, just returned from Argentina after studying abroad for 5 months. He loves travel!

I decided to scour etsy for a great map that would help him keep track of where he has been and possibly also determine where he wants to go next. He has lived in both Ecuador and Argentina so far. I really hope to travel with him in the next few years as he is also fluent in Spanish.


Dad, he loves music, and since my brother and I couldn’t afford tickets to a concert at the time, we added to his collection.

Elton John hits and Eric Clapton’s Crossroads collection. My dad has has the Crossroads collection at least 3 times and keeps losing it! My brother and I thought it was time to get it for him again as he loves Clapton. My brother suggestion Elton John as well, which was pretty neat as it is an artist I didn’t know my dad enjoyed. I would love to be able to take my dad to a classics show the end of this year.

Eric Clapton - Crossroads Disc3 - FHow did you manage the holidays? Did you ask loved ones to join in on a lighter gift giving season too?


Intentional Spending

Do you ever have triggers that just send you right into an unwanted situation? Sometimes for me it can be an eating situation, like giving in to that 1000 calories slice of cheesecake or wanting the fried over grilled platter. But often times, it comes to me as a shopping spree, one that debits my account hundreds of dollars.

Shopping sprees are such a weird beast to me. We spend a ton of money on them, want to sometimes give them to others as a present or treat, and usually end up having hot flashes because of buyer’s remorse once the high is over. I know my anxiety flares up after a few hundred dollars out of my account.

One of the things I really have loved is my capsule collection. It feels thoughtful, that each piece has a purpose and purchased with love and selection. Often times I would step into my closet and get flustered. There was never anything to wear. Nothing fit right. This had a stain on the front I needed to somehow cover. These bagged too much…. So many problems. I was continually going on shopping sprees to fill up my closet with more items.

I was spending a LOT of money on these clothes I didn’t love. I really don’t know why most of them came home with me. Why did I have ten work blouses and nothing more casual to wear on the weekend? Did I really need 5 different colors of jeans? Nope. Now things are streamlined, and picking out an outfit is so easy, and seemingly less expensive.

One of the things I really had a problem with was clothes sitting in my closet for months on end with the tags still attached. If this happens now, I notice it quickly and act on changing it. I currently have a green sweater I purchased that fits just wrong. It looks like it should be baggy, but it is too short. I’m returning it and exchanging for the larger size this weekend, making sure that any return periods aren’t missed.

I also am learning that there are many skinny mirrors in the world, and sometimes they distort how you see yourself. I am finding a love for online shopping, where I can stand in front of MY own un-edited mirror and truly determine if a piece is flattering. It is hard to avoid those skinny mirrors though – they make you look dang good. I’ve been working at a retail store for a bit now (hint, it’s a four letter word that starts with L and ends with T) and I just recently realized they for sure have skinny mirrors!! I wondered why I always thought my outfits looked better in store than home, ha. They can also spur you to purchase more.

Be wary and recognize your triggers that send you into shopping mode, whether it is stress, boredom, the feeling of need, or some other instance, and try to replace those times with another activity, such as working out, reading, writing, goal setting, etc…

What are your triggers? How do you keep them at bay?


Savings, Zero-Based Budget and Digit

The problem with savings is that I always dip into it before I should. I never really save up for anything – I just take what is in there and spend it on an immediate need, such as a credit card payment or a little extra money for the weekend.

Well, I want to start savings for upcoming expenses that I know are coming up, and also things I want and have been lusting over. Isn’t that what money is for?

So there are three big things I see coming up and want to schedule for:

  1. Debt payments
  2. Hunter boots
  3. Capsule collection for Spring 2015

Debt Payments

As mentioned in my last post, I am cutting up the cards. I want to move strictly to cash. All but one are cut at this point as I have a few items to return prior to chopping, but there will be nothing else placed on it. Therefore, I know exactly what is left of my debt. From my 100% debt starting point I shared already, I will be paying 12% of that total off each month until June. Boom, debt gone. These payments are already automated in my Bank of America bill pay section. If you do not have this feature, many credit cards will also let you schedule recurring payments. Do it – the payments are already set and you know what is going out when.

Hunter Boots

Another automated payment for each Friday, I am contributing 12.50 per week to my savings so that in 12 weeks, I will be able to purchase my original, black matte Hunter boots, right before rainy season. I am really excited about these as I have wanted to purchase them for a few years and never made a plan to purchase them without my credit card.

Capsule collection for spring 2015

This is my final, current recurring payment. For this past capsule, I purchased $375 of new items, which included 2 pairs of a bit pricey Madewell jeans that I am definitely considering investment pieces. With this $400 estimate in mind, I am contributing $80 biweekly to my savings account. By mid-March, when capsule planning and purchasing begins again, I will have $400 in savings allotted to clothing purchases. I am assuming this will be an over-estimate, so anything extra will stay in that savings account!

Zero-Based Budget

A final thought I want to talk about is the Zero-Based Budget method, prescribed to by my favorite, Dave Ramsey. This method states that you don’t carry a balance from paycheck to paycheck – it all goes somewhere. For me, I am dumping that into my savings account as well. If that savings account starts to really bloom, I will be placing it towards my debt, but having a buffer for emergencies or unexpected expenses is always a great idea. I have my budget sheet, and just about every day, if there is an extra dollar or two in my account, I transfer it right into my savings account to get back to $0.


Another way to do this, if you are not obsessive over your expenses like me, is Digit. It is a brand new, totally safe program that scans your accounts and sees where it can dump a few cents or dollars here and there into your savings account. It is money you wouldn’t notice, but it adds up quickly! Digit is a text-based and online service, and you can always cancel. Digit also guarantees that you will never overdraft due to their service, or Digit will pay any fees associated with the overdraft. I think this is the next big thing, and you best believe I already downloaded Digit. I’ll give a review in a few months to see if it works for me, or if I’m already too on top of my money for their algorithm to detect any extra I have, haha.

Any other methods you all use to save for purchases? I’d love more ideas. Are you hands on or hands off when it comes to monitoring your accounts?



Minimalism Movement

I’ve started really working on moving to a more minimalistic life – one not filled with things that don’t bring me fulfillment.

Minimalism is not necessarily getting to a certain number, but creating a life with things that bring you joy, and not wasting time, energy, money and other resources on things that do not fill your life with happiness. It is the removal of clutter, which comes in many forms rather than the old TV screen you haven’t plugged in for two years.

Many items in my life has been sitting in storage bins, closets and armoires without any use for years. My first large task was my clothing closet, and I’m happy to say that I have successfully built my first capsule wardrobe for Winter 2015. I’m very excited to share it once I gain some extra time to properly photograph my pieces. I’ve removed a lot of people on my social media outlets over the past few months. Relationships with people evolve, for better or worse, and I don’t want to connect with those that have gone sour, but rather focus my energies on the ones I am building and enjoying.

I’m working to determine where I want to put my time, and I believe I see it in animal rescues, art, photography, travel, and learning new skills such as guitar and languages.

2015 had no resolutions yet, as I am still working through Whitney English’s fabulous Well Designed Year worksheets. At the end, I will have focused goals, tailored to me and defining what brings me joy and fulfillment in life. 2015 will be a very different year of priorities, and I’m excited to see what they become, because who wouldn’t want a year full of happiness and great memories?

If you are looking into minimalism, I’m linking some great blogs to start with below!

Into Mind (I purchased her Style Workbook)


Becoming Minimalist

The Minimalists