Big News – Poshmark Wholesale Portal

Poshmark has just announced a big change and I think I’m looking to really ramp up my involvement on this app!

If you haven’t yet heard of Poshmark, it is an app that is a marketplace for selling used women’s clothing. People have been using this platform as a way to get rid of clothing they no longer use for a bit of cash, sell those new with tag items that missed the return date, and even start an online boutique! Well, that third piece, an online boutique, has just gotten easier.

Poshmark announced last month that they are going to offer a portal, all within the app, that allows you to buy wholesale goods, get them shipped to you, and post to your closet for whatever price you deem fitting. This is very exciting news, especially for someone like me who has thought about opening an online store, but hasn’t had time to fully commit to it!


The wholesale portal will offer a limited number of retailers at first, but I’m sure they will grow quickly! I have to say, I’m not overly excited about the first 4 retailers they presented to top sellers who already have their wholesale / retail certification. The broad categories these retailers offered were graphic tees, purses/accessories, and socks… I’m looking for a little more, but hopeful this portal will amp up quickly!

I’m most excited that Poshmark has taken down some of the barriers to entry that are involved with buying wholesale. I don’t have to go to tradeshows, I don’t have to pay a business license, and Poshmark handles all of the shipping, financial aspect, etc… I just need some overhead cash to purchase, a place to photograph my items, and storage. It is a great way to try it out!

Have you heard of the new wholesale portal? Have you shopped on Poshmark before, or sold? I am also starting to offer spaces in my closet for your clothes if you are wanting to sell, but don’t really want to put the time/effort into it!




I walked into Plato’s closet, lugging 3 overflowing baskets of clothes that no longer fit me, my style or my closet. After patiently waiting 30 minutes or so for the associates to pick through all of those items, I came out empty-handed in the way I didn’t expect. It was a bust – they hadn’t purchased a single item. Instead of coming out with cash, I came back out with my baskets, cramming them into my trunk in defeat.

I was fed up. How frustrating was it that they wouldn’t purchase these clothes that were so well cared for and had reputable clothing brand names slapped all over? I was determined to never walk into another consignment store again. Thank goodness for that.

A close friend of mine had mentioned she was selling some of her items on an app called Poshmark. I had tried it and didn’t sell anything right away, but came back to it a few months later to see if I could use some of my social media strategy to sell my closet.

I had SO MANY clothes – ones I had been holding on to, ones that had been sitting in my trunk, and others that recently left my closet when I decided to adopt minimalism. There was bound to be something someone would buy, right?

At first, I posted some lower quality photos, didn’t network as much as I should have, and by some miracle I still sold a few items! When you start looking at other closets, you realize the time some people put into them, and those are the closets that a listing goes up and is sold within the day. Those are the shops you want to be!

I’ve been fairly successful with Poshmark – I’ve made a few hundred dollars already on relatively not many pieces of clothing. Much more than I’ve ever made at Plato’s or eBay! I also love the app – it is very well designed for a quick reference, and the desktop/iPad version makes it easy to share my items.

If you have a bunch of clothes sitting around, I would suggest trying out Poshmark! Friends, I’m also willing to sell some items for you as I’ve built up my network – you know how to get in touch with me!


I’ll be posting a bit of my strategy, do’s and don’t’s, and more features of the app. Do you have any questions or have you used the app before?

Happy Poshing!


Different Ways I’ve Made Money

Guys, this is SO AWESOME! I officially see the light at the end of the tunnel for my debt being eliminated, and I will be getting there BEFORE any interest charges kick in. I just have to scream it from the mountain tops because damn, it is a relief!

A lot of this comes with me trying to figure ways to make more money and taking the opportunities that present themselves, no matter how little or how out of scope they may be.


One of the largest streams of income that I have comes from my full time job. My position moved from exempt to non-exempt last year, and having the option to work overtime when I can and when there is work to do is a really nice benefit. This is the most basic odd job I have.


My second favorite “job” is running my Poshmark closet. I feel that I have been doing well on here when it comes to sharing, posting, accurately describing the pieces, and providing great customer service.  Poshmark is a great tool if you are like me and have so many pieces of clothing that you are trying to get rid of that are still in great condition. With my commitment to a minimalist wardrobe, there were a lot of pieces that I wanted to eliminate from my closet, but I knew I could make money off them. I’ll share more about Poshmark in the future! You can check out my closet by following any of the hyperlinks (or using the widget to the right) and discover Poshmark for yourself too!

Part-time Retail

I have been working at the LOFT, a women’s clothing store, for almost a year! At first, I was doing 2-3 shifts per week, which amounted to about $100 of extra income. However, I decided 3 days a week in addition to my full time job, friends, new puppy and everything else was too much. Initially, I was going to quit, but being a beneficial and reliable employee, they said I could work once a month if needed. I’ve since bumped it up to about every 2 weeks, but an extra $30 here and there is a nice boost sometimes when every little bit counts! If you decide to work at a store that you also shop often at, be careful! I learned this the hard way.

Mystery Shopping

I’ll have to post more about this, but I’ve just started mystery shopping and so far have had some of my groceries paid for! Mystery shopping for me is more about getting refunded for an enjoyable experience rather than making cash, but it helps when you want to try a new restaurant and instead of paying for it, you get the shopper companies to!


Kids are interesting – I am definitely a dog person and have not had enough experience with children to understand them or feel absolutely comfortable around them. However, a friend asked if I could step in as a babysitter the other day and I took her offer! I forgot how much cold hard cash babysitters make…

I also might have accidentally said “alien” to describe how big and adorable the baby’s eyes are and said “good boy” a lot like I was talking to my dog. My maternal instincts have not fully flourished!

Those are my current side hustles! What do you all do to boost your income a bit?